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Apply Now

There are different ways to apply for our properties and all the details are given on this page. We work in partnership with Bield & Hanover Housing Association, as well as Edindex.

Home for You

You can apply online for most of our properties through Home for You which is a housing application system we share with Bield and Hanover Housing Associations. 

If you’d prefer you can download our application form and email it to us at, or print out a copy and post it back to us. A full list of our property choices can be downloaded here list of developments.

Applying for a home in Edinburgh

You can apply for our Edinburgh homes through the EdIndex partnership.

You’ll need to register on the EdIndex website to apply. If you need a hand, contact us - we’re happy to help.

Applying for a home on the Isle of Arran

We use a different application form for the Isle of Arran, contact us at for a copy.

Applying for Mid Market Rent

Located on the picturesque canal at Southbank Road in Kirkintilloch, Southbank is one of our newest developments.

Mid Market Rent is a type of affordable housing for people of any age, with modest incomes who want to rent a new home for the long term. Rent levels are below the usual market rent for the area. More information is available on our Southbank website.