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Guest Accommodation

We provide guest rooms at most of our developments where there are staff members on site. They’re mainly for tenants and their families to use, however other groups can also use them.

Where are Trust's guest rooms?

They’re situated all over the country, and offer people the chance to visit and explore other parts of Scotland. The well-equipped and comfortable accommodation usually features: 

  • one or two single beds;

  • a private, en-suite bathroom featuring a walk-in shower, a bath or a bath with a shower; and

  • tea and coffee making facilities.

Who can stay in a Trust guest room?

  • Prospective tenants who want to view a property.

  • Family or friends visiting tenants socially.

  • Trust tenants from other developments as holiday accommodation.

  • Family or friends of tenants at nearby developments, if the guest room at their development is already booked.

  • Family or friends helping a tenant when they are ill.

  • Family or friends of tenants who have passed away, so they can make arrangements like clearing the property or attending a funeral.

  • Staff who need to stay on site because alarm call systems aren’t working.

  • Tenants of other housing associations where Trust has a reciprocal arrangement.

  • Staff, contractors or board members needing accommodation for business reasons.

  • Staff or board members as holiday accommodation.


Speak to a member of staff or get in touch to find out more. 

Download our Guest room leaflet for a list of locations.