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Mid Market Rent

Trust is a not for profit organisation, but we offer complimentary services through TEL, our commercial subsidiary. This includes our mid-market rent properties at Kirkintilloch and Bishopbriggs.

At Southbank, Kirkintilloch we offer 40 flats: a mix of one double bedroom, two-bedroom (double and single) and two-bedroom (two doubles).  

At Bishopbriggs we have 16 flats, these are all two-bedroom properties spacious enough for double beds in each room.

Mid Market Rent is a type of affordable housing for households with modest incomes who want to rent a new home for the long term. Rent levels are below the usual market rent for the area.

Mid-market rent homes offer alternative affordable housing for customers who work and who earn between £20,000 and £33,000 (single applicants) or £40,000 (couples).

These customers have no priority for social housing, but cannot afford to buy their own home or pay full-market rents


Firstly you must meet some basic criteria:

  • You must be over 18 years old
  • You should normally be working.
  • If only one person in your household is working, your annual household income should be more than £20,000 and less than around £33,000. If there is more than one working adult in your household, you can still qualify as long as your annual household income is less than around £40,000.
  • You should not normally be receiving Housing Benefit or Local Housing Allowance
  • You must be applying for the property to live in it as your only and permanent home.

If you meet these criteria, you can be considered for one of the properties.


We unfortunately currently have no vacancies. Contact for more information.


Get in touch for any information about TEL.