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We have over 3,600 properties in more than 100 locations, covering 23 Local Authority areas across Scotland.

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Looking for general needs housing in Wishaw and surrounding areas?  Please visit our Wishaw & District Housing website for information on available properties and to get more information on how to apply. 

Our Digital Journey

At Trust, we’re committed to ensuring our tenants’ can be digitally engaged – if they want to be. Since early 2016 we have been implementing an ambitious plan to install Wi-Fi in all of our staffed locations across the country. Our tenants who are now Wi-Fi enabled are already telling us how much they’re enjoying the benefits of being ‘connected’, with many learning new skills and enjoying the opportunities that being online can bring.  

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Our properties are mainly for the over 60s, but we consider younger tenants with a support need. We also provide housing for people of any age. Our services are tailored to ensure tenants enjoy the right balance of flexibility and support to live as independently as possible. Over 40 years’ experience has taught us that people’s needs change over time too.

Our Housing Ladder comparison chart shows the different types of service we offer - all designed to support tenants whatever their requirements.

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* Staff presence at our developments ranges from part time hours to 24 hours a day, seven days a week.