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Customer Panel

We are a group of Trust tenants from across Scotland who work independently, supported by Trust staff, to improve services and performance. Trust’s performance is generally very good and getting better across most services, which is great. We’re here to help make sure things keep improving.

What we do

We look at different elements of Trust’s services independently, from the tenants’ point of view, including reviewing performance figures on a regular basis. We meet with staff to discuss our findings and make recommendations.

Trust’s Board members look at our recommendations and staff then create an action plan. We track the progress of each action, ensuring things change for the better.

What we've achieved

We’ve had a direct influence on several areas, including:

  • how Trust’s homes are let - all our recommendations, including how Trust markets its properties, were actioned;
  • improving the management of empty homes from a tenant’s point of view – we made recommendations on things like the standard of the property; and
  • how Trust communicates with tenants - we recommended making communications easier to understand by avoiding formal language and jargon.

We base our work on the Scottish Social Housing Charter outcomes, which lay out clear standards for what quality and performance we can expect from Trust as our landlord.

We've also won two awards. Most Inspiring Scrutiny Group Award at the Tenant Information Service (TIS) National Excellence Awards 2017 and Excellence in Scrutiny at the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) Excellence Awards 2017.

If you’re interested in joining us to help improve things for Trust and our fellow tenants or would like to find out more about our work please contact Katrina Hamilton on 0131 444 4956 or


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