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We've designed our properties with our tenants' needs in mind. However, situations can change and you may find that you need to make alterations to your home to help you carry on living independently. These are called adaptations.

Examples of adaptations:

●      Replacing a bath with a walk-in shower.

●      Extra handrails inside and outside your home.

●      Ramps at the entrance of your home.

How we can help

This page gives you general information about adaptations, and you can talk to one of our staff or email to find out more about how we can help.

Who pays for adaptations?

The Scottish Government pays for adaptations through a fund which it allocates every year. We can only carry out adaptations if there are funds available.

How to apply for an adaptation

There are different ways to apply for adaptations, depending on what you need.

In most cases, you need to be referred by your GP or an Occupational Therapist. The referral should include the type of adaptation that you need and the level of priority (A is the highest and C is the lowest) for the adaptation.

For some smaller adaptations, like grab rails, you can complete a ‘self-referral’ form - you can get these from any member of staff or by contacting us.

For either referral type, return the completed form to a Trust member of staff. You can also return it by post - the address is on the back of the form.

We’ll let you know if the referral can go ahead, and will check if there is funding available. If there is, we’ll tell you when we can start the work. Either an architect or contractor will visit you beforehand to look at what needs to be done.

Frequently asked questions 

Do I need to tell Trust my personal medical details when I apply for an adaptation?

No. We only need to know medical information relevant to what you’ve applied for, so we can identify the most suitable type of adaptation for your needs.

Do I need to apply through a member of staff?  

No. You can apply directly to Trust - but our staff are always on hand to help with your application if you want them to.

What happens if there is no funding left to carry out my adaptation?

We will add your application to the waiting list. We’ll carry out the adaptation in order of the level of priority once new funding allocation is available.

To find out more about adaptations you can download our leaflet, speak to a member of staff or email