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COVID-19 Updates and Information

Updated 02/04/2020

Reassuring the Trust housing community

Many of us are coming to terms with a very different world as the spread of COVID-19 continues. It can be a worry and a challenge to live with a new reality.

Our Trust staff team continue to rise to the events of recent days, we are all in this together.

Our senior management team are continuing their work on a daily basis to make sure that we are able to deliver high quality housing and services even in unprecedented times. We will continue to provide regular updates from head office to all staff and tenants.

Contacting Us

Our four offices in Edinburgh, Wishaw, Glasgow and Arran remain closed until further notice. You can continue to contact our headquarters in Edinburgh by phoning 0131 444 1200 or by emailing Remote staff will be available:

  • Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm
  • Friday 9am to 3:45pm

If you need to contact us urgently out of hours please contact a member of onsite staff (if applicable) or call Hanover (Scotland) on 0345 604 4686.

Tenants who live in our Wishaw & District properties should phone 01698 377200; text 07529 777345 or email An external mailbox has been erected at the front of the office if you wish to contact us by post. If you have an emergency repair outwith office hours please contact us on:

  • Heating/hot water 01698 533917
  • All other emergencies 0800 999 2520

Helping those most in need

The core services we provide, including essential repairs and maintenance and care and support services in some developments, will continue. Some recent changes we have had to make include:

  • Development staff, where fit and able, will continue to work as normal. However, there is an increased risk of illness amongst our staff teams. If this happens, we may need to reduce working hours and adjust shift patterns. We also have a team of Trust ‘volunteers’ – people who normally work in our offices but will be coming out to supplement local teams to protect our service to tenants as best we can.
  • We have had to suspend the allocation of properties for now as we need to limit the number of people visiting developments – but this will be kept under review.
  • In line with Government guidance, we have closed our offices and home working arrangements are in place for our office staff.
  • For tenants phoning in to our office number we are able to redirect calls to our expert teams who will be working from home. Although please do bear with us if, initially, this service does not run quite as smoothly as we would all like.
  • We will be prioritising emergency repairs and maintenance.
  • For any tenants concerned about making rent payments please contact us, our phone number is 0131 444 1200. We have ensured there are trained Trust staff available to advise and support you. There are also separate sections of this site you can browse for more advice on rent and benefit payments.

This information will be updated on a regular basis.

Keeping all tenants and staff safe

We know we are all watching the news and social media intently for new advice and updates which are changing on a daily basis.

Some key information for our tenants includes:

  • Tenants should only be leaving their flats in an emergency or for essential tasks such as shopping.
  • We strongly advise that you follow the Government’s Guidance and stay in your home. If out of your home ensure you observe social distancing and do not meet or chat with other tenants or staff, even informally. It is just not possible to tell who may be carrying the virus and we all share the responsibility to keep ourselves as safe as we can. This is why staff will mostly be communicating with you through the call system.
  • We appreciate the help you will still need from family and friends to provide essential services, like care or support, shopping, medication deliveries. They can continue to access your home to do these tasks but need to observe the recommended hand hygiene and limit their visits to as short a time as possible only to undertake the essential tasks.
  • We will still need to have contractors, postie, pharmacy delivery and food deliveries made to our developments, but all essential visitors will be asked to observe social distancing and hand hygiene and wearing protective personal equipment (PPE) if appropriate.
  • Only those who live in your home should be allowed to stay. If it is urgent to speak to someone who is not a member of your household, do this over the phone.
  • As we may experience staff shortages in areas where our staff are impacted by having to self-isolate, we have a number of different contingency plans that can be put in place. These include reduced cover hours, staff assisting from different developments and offices, use of bank and external agency workers. However you can be assured that all staff coming into your development will observe the required guidance according to the tasks they are undertaking.
  • We are focussing on emergency repairs, if you report a repair which is not an emergency it will be logged but it may be some time before the work is completed. If you have been told to self-isolate and need an emergency repair done in your home, we will ask you to remain in a different room if possible while the repair is carried out. All our contractors will follow the recommended guidance for protective clothing and equipment and hand washing.

Trust cannot provide medical advice so we recommend following official UK and Scottish Government information and advice.

Staying in touch

We will be updating information regularly on our website at

If you have any queries or need further information, please get in touch by calling 0131 444 1200 or visit our Contact Us page for further details.

This is a challenging time for us all. I want to thank you, our tenants and customers, for your understanding.