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St. Margaret's Court, Greenock

I am aware of concerns amongst families of tenants at our development at St. Margaret’s Court in Greenock. Whilst we cannot share private medical details, I ask that all tenants, families and others obey the new laws passed by the UK and Scottish Governments which prohibit all but essential travel in order to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. This includes within or to St. Margaret’s Court.

It is important to emphasise that St. Margaret’s Court is a ‘housing with care’ development, not a care home. Each tenant lives within their own self-contained home.

Our staff are safely providing personal care for those who need it, along with a meal service of lunch and dinner which is delivered to individual flats. If a tenant requires assistance beyond what our staff are currently providing or what can be provided within social distancing rules, we would ask them or a family member to urgently get in touch with us and the local social services department so that more suitable arrangements can be made immediately for those cases.

Trust has already closed all communal areas at St. Margaret’s Court, stopped all organised social gatherings and implemented a revised cleaning schedule which focusses on high risk contact areas . These actions have been taken at all of our developments across Scotland. Information was posted to tenants on 13 March, 18 March, 20 March and 24 March to keep them up to date with changing rules on social isolation and distancing and is regularly updated on our website. For tenants who have concerns or questions, our staff team are available by telephone to provide support and advice.

The safety of our tenants is always our prime concern and we have spoken this morning to Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Protection Team who have confirmed that Trust are taking all necessary steps and following Scottish Government and health guidelines. We therefore do not believe it is necessary to close access to the development at this time. Indeed, to do so may be counterproductive as tenants are relying on permitted essential trips from family members to receive essential supplies.

Rhona McLeod

Chief Executive, Trust